Forever Young Membership includes expanded legal services and valuable savings:


  • No-cost routine amendments to estate planning documents
  • Telephone support from the Jeffrey R. Young team at no additional cost
  • Regular newsletters with valuable advice and articles
  • Quarterly events on important topics in law, taxes, health, safety and more
  • Free registration in Colorado’s Emergency Notification project
  • Full access to Jeff’s Referral Resource List for over 100 businesses and services
  • PDF copy of your executed estate planning documents always at your fingertips


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2011 – Argentina

2012 – Portugal

2013 – Ireland

2014 – New Zealand

2015 – Canada (St. Lawrence Cruise)

2016 – Italy

2017 – Aruba

2018 – Israel & Jordan

2019 – Baltic Sea Cruise



(Click Here) — Forever Young Client Program Brochure

This brochure will give you an overview of the program and a full listing of its comprehensive offerings… to you, our client!

Forever Young membership includes the opportunity for annual participation (at client’s expense) in one major travel event each year. You can join in the experience of visiting all seven continents over the next seven years! (Note: Special tax advice and tax planning tips are presented exclusively to those participating in the travel experience. As a result, a portion of the trip expenses are tax deductible.)

Best of all…with Forever Young, your satisfaction is guaranteed!