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Jeff and Joy Young with their grandchildren.

Business Owner Legal Support

For the business owner, or for someone looking to start his or her own business, Jeffrey R. Young & Associates specializes in serving as your comprehensive “go-to” advisor.

  • Reduce Personal Liability: Choose the best entity for your business to minimize liability while maximizing the profits you work so hard to earn
  • Reduce Taxes: Learn how to take thousands of dollars out of your company tax free.

Evaluate Employee, HR, & Insurance Practices: Help you understand and adhere to government regulations to reduce the chance of paying fines and penalties.

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Financial Coaching

Through Matson Money, Free Market Portfolio Theory is the synthesis of three academic principles: Efficient Market Hypothesis, Modern Portfolio Theory, and The Three-Factor Model. Together these concepts form a powerful, disciplined and diversified approach to investing. The result is globally diversified portfolios including over 12,000 equities spread across forty-two countries, designed and engineered to capture market rates of return over specific time horizons.

  • Free Market Portfolio Theory: Scientifically engineered portfolios based on Nobel Prize-winning economic theories.
  • Retirement Planning: Compound, protect, and distribute your wealth.
  • Asset Protection: Minimize taxes and protect yourself from creditors.

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Estate Planning

If you become disabled or pass away, what will become of your business, your money and your family? Do you have a plan in place? Everyone needs estate planning regardless of age or net worth.

  • Control your property while you are alive.
  • Provide for yourself and loved ones if you become temporarily or permanently incapacitated.
  • Decide how, when, and where your assets are distributed.
  • Direct the disposition of your business.
  • Minimize taxes and fees.
  • Avoid the expense and hassle of probate when possible.
  • Trust Planning: Direct the distribution of your estate to determine when, how, where and to whom it is given.
  • Probate: When needed, manage the core process and transfer of assets.

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