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Our Core Values


Jeffrey R. Young & Associates strives for a personal and friendly approach, which has prompted our clients to call us their “Favorite Attorneys.” We serve business and individual clients in Colorado and throughout the United States.

Our business relationship is based on three principles that are the keys to our success:

  1. Client-Centered Service: You, the Client, are key. Our business is all about you and your objectives. We expect to provide you with excellent service. We hope you find that: (1) We are prompt in the performance of our duties, (2) We maintain regular contact with our clients, (3) Our fees are clear (no surprises), and (4) For our Forever Young clients, there is never a charge for our telephone or face-to-face consultation time.
  2. Knowledge: We continue to educate ourselves and strive to be aware of legal, business, and tax changes that affect our clients, so that our service will continually be of the highest quality.
  3. Integrity: In the conduct of our business, we follow Shakespeare’s guidance, “To thine own self be true, and it must follow as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.”

What Our Clients Can Expect From Us:

You will find that our relationship will be professional, courteous and straightforward. We are steady, analytical and determined in the approach we take to our work. We enjoy being of service to our clients and benefiting them financially in an extraordinary way. We also have a healthy sense of humor that contributes to our enjoyment in what we do and the way we go about it.

Our clients can expect that the strategy implemented on their behalf will be tax-compliant and will work to meet their objectives. There will be no surprises or confusion regarding our fees. Clients can expect our legal fees to be based on either (1) a flat rate, or (2) in limited circumstances, an hourly rate.

What We Expect From Our Clients:

Our best clients are informed clients—you ask questions and gain a basic understanding of the strategy or process involved, as it relates to your circumstances. We expect you to be courteous, business-like, and straightforward in your dealings with us. We want you to be open and candid whenever you have a concern or question about concepts or strategies that are discussed.



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